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Message of our office relocation and merge with Nonaka Patent Office

Itaya & Associates office moved to the following address on November 1, 2022 from Legal Nishitenma Bldg..
We welcomed Mr. Seiichi Nonaka (Patent Attorney) and Mr. Takeshi Isobe to our office by merger from April 1 2019. We will provide even more fulfilling services, so continue to look forward to your patronage, thank you.

4th Fl., Nippon Life Umeda-daini Bldg., 3-24 Taiyuji-cho,
Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0051 JAPAN
Tel: +81 6 6766 4931 / Fax: +81 6 6766 4932
(Transportation facilities) 8-minute walk from Osaka Station

Our firm

Itaya & Associates, is a registered patent and trademark firm specializing in intellectual property law, founded in Osaka in 1988 by Yasuo Itaya, a patent attorney. 
We are specialists of intellectual property law, including: preparation and filing of patent application, trademark application or design application; and infringement lawsuit; and license agreement between domestic and foreign corporations.
We specialize in the fields of electronics, electrical, mechanical and information technologies.
We are providing quality service for many clients around the world.


The firm has 5 attorneys and 13 staffs including technical, secretarial and administrative staffs.
The firm represents major electrical manufacturing corporations, information industrial corporations, and precision machinery manufacturing corporations.

Japanese Patent Attorneys


received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from State Okayama University. He worked at Intellectual Property Rights Division of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd (Panasonic). Mr. Itaya was registered as a patent attorney. He is a committee member of Japan Patent Attorneys Association, a member of Kansai Patent Studying Group (KTK), AIPPI and APAA. He was vice president of JPAA in 2007, president of Kinki Branch of JPAA in 2009 and has been a lecturer of Ritsumeikan University in charge of intellectual property. He is qualified to represent as a specified infringement lawsuit.

Shinichi MIZUTA

graduated from the Department of Law and Literature of Okayama University. He was employed in a computer company as a system engineer. In 1996 he joined the firm. He was registered as a patent attorney in 2002(specialized in information technology). He moved to AWL Co., Ltd. from October 2022. 

Masayuki ITAYA

received a Master of Biotechnology from Kyoto University in 2001. He was registered as a patent attorney in 2005, belonged to IP division of Panasonic Electric Works in 2007-2009, now joined the firm.

Seiichi NONAKA

joined to Itaya & Associates in 2019

Takeshi ISOBE

joined to Itaya & Associates in 2019

Seiji NISHIUCHI (cooperative member)

received a Master of Chemistry from State Kochi University. He was employed in a chemical manufacturing company as an engineer. He was registered as a patent attorney in 2002(specialized in applied chemical), and joined the firm as a cooperation member. He is now belonging to Peksung Intellectual Property Ltd, in China.

Doctor of Physical Takashi INOUE

received a Doctor of Physical from State Kyushu University. He was employed in a Metal industry company as an engineer. In 2001, he joined the firm.

Schedule of charges

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